Module de refroidissement thermoélectrique TEC-12715 15A 40x40mm

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Dimensions: 40*40*3.3mm Element Logarithm 127 pairs Wire Size: Lead Length 200±8mm RV Standard Wire Single Head 5mm Tin Plated Internal resistance: 0.8~0.9Ω (ambient temperature 23±1°C, 1kHZ Ac test) Maximum temperature difference: above 62°C Operating current: Imax=15A (maximum voltage 15.5V 15A at startup) Rated voltage: DC12V (maximum voltage: 15.5V) Cooling power: 142W (heating surface temperature is too high will reduce the cooling power) Assembly pressure: 85N/cm2 Working environment: Temperature range -55°C~83°C (excessive ambient temperature will directly affect the cooling efficiency) Packaging Process: Four weeks standard 704 silicone rubber seal Packing standard: foam box packaging, storage conditions Ambient temperature -10 °C ~ 40 °C Storage conditions: -40~60°C
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Modèle TEC-12715
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